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U4-10422 - Add support for disabling nested content items

U4-10502 - Resending of User Invitations pr considerforsprint

U4-11570 - Do not use Webclient upforgrabs pr

U4-5322 - Add Labels to Colors in Color Picker pr

U4-10147 - Add a setting that allows users to pick nodes above their start nodes pr communitycontrib considerforsprint

U4-10967 - What can we do to improve/reduce start up times?

U4-7332 - Default gravatar link broken unscheduled

U4-7464 - 7.3.2 - Near Constant Backoffice Timeouts

U4-10044 - Don't disclose Umbraco version in the login screen backport

U4-10011 - Making guids a little more available in backoffice unscheduled

U4-6850 - Users / Settings / Developer Trees Have No TreeControllerBase.TreeAlias

U4-6064 - UmbracoHelper.TypedMedia Very Slow

CON-988 - Reordering workflows is unreliable at best, at worst doesn't work at all unscheduled

U4-8560 - Remove At and Publish AT DO NOT WORK

U4-9486 - Umbraco 7.5.8 - amd64 and x86 folders are not being created after clean build

U4-8698 - Save/publishing of node really slow when there are many users/editors due to notification query

U4-5379 - ScheduledPublishController has some problems

U4-7865 - CPU Leak- 100% Usage

U4-6292 - CPU Keeps Getting Pegged Every Few Hours

U4-5480 - Bad value for attribute rel on element img in Richtext editor

CON-620 - Contour and Umbraco Forms Don't Validate Mandatory Fields

U4-7615 - Error when Umbraco 7.4 Beta finishes installing

U4-7821 - KeepUserLoggedIn with a long umbracoTimeOutInMinutes has logout issues

U4-7312 - GetBigThumbnail is slow when working with large media folders

U4-7495 - Back Office Not Respecting KeepUserLoggedIn Setting

U4-5764 - Detailed node info on Content picker/Multi-node tree picker/Media picker

U4-7333 - New domain service cache issue

U4-7467 - Umbraco 7.3.2 Clean install, OWIN error after database creation

U4-7380 - Backoffice timeouts after 7.3.1 upgrade

COU-158 - Error alerts aren't always shown when api calls fail.

U4-6307 - Incorrect culture assigned to user (missing region code)

U4-6460 - 7.2.2 -> 7.2.4 update fails with "an item with the same key has already been added" error

U4-274 - Feature Request: Limit alternate template use

U4-5794 - No Upgrade notifications in v7?