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U4-11298 - Date picker losing its value

U4-6191 - Problem with Client Dependency handler in Umbraco 7.2.1

U4-10216 - Authorization error: Unauthorized access to URL: /umbraco/backoffice/UmbracoApi/Content/PostSave

U4-11300 - Unable to Upgrade From Umbraco 7.1.4 to 7.10.4

U4-11021 - No login form when trying to authorise 7.9 upgrade unscheduled regression

U4-10857 - Update to ClientDependency 1.9.5 unscheduled

U4-11014 - Implement cache busting for Angular views in third party packages upforgrabs

U4-11079 - No "Info" tab after upgrading to 7.9.2

U4-10963 - Missing translations for General Info in 7.8.1.

UAAS-454 - Automatically bump ClientDependency on deploy

U4-10810 - Update CDF to support storing TEMP files in environment %temp% location unscheduled

U4-9873 - Backoffice Login - 417 missing token

U4-10568 - ClientDependency uses "use strict" and it causes some plugins to fail

U4-192 - Feature request: Add more meta data to Content and Media pickers

U4-8559 - Can't set user permissions

CON-934 - Can't create datasources or prevalue sources unscheduled

U4-9792 - Update Umbraco to be FIPS compliant communitycontrib goldpartner

U4-8752 - NuGet upgrade to 7.5 beta 2 Client Dependency discrepancies

U4-6517 - Client Dependency - Umbraco Upgrade Bug

U4-6703 - Upgrading from 7.2.5 to 7.2.6 via nuget fails when Forms 4.1.3 is installed

U4-1955 - Error: The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters...

U4-2203 - MVC as default rendering on shared host results in encoding error

U4-2330 - Client Dependency not working in MVC v6

U4-2265 - Macro cacheing doesn't respect RegisterJavaScriptFile/RegisterStyleSheetFile/AddJquery/RegisterClientScriptBlock

U4-1964 - Preview not working

U4-1280 - ClientDependency and PlaceHolderProvider...

U4-9724 - Tiny MCE error when adding a link "Cannot read property 'href' of undefined" backport

U4-8032 - Backoffice UI broken after NuGet upgrade from 7.3.7 to 7.4.1

U4-9704 - Sorting UDI media picker items, makes it store Int's

U4-9791 - Backoffice console exceptions when ClientDependency is enabled

U4-7955 - Uncaught Error: No module: blueimp.fileupload after upgrading to 7.4.0

U4-7476 - 7.3.2 backoffice Postsave 400 bad request

U4-9458 - UmbracoExamine performance optimizations

U4-9382 - Dashboard to clear ClientDependency cache (and possibly other caches as well)

U4-9343 - Backoffice suddenly showing no content for all nodes

U4-8718 - Latest ClientDependency release unscheduled

U4-8527 - Can't unbullet or unnumber lists if using ''

U4-8016 - Pick only images from media

U4-2545 - Selecting styles from the Richtext editor throws "Cannot read property '0' of undefined"

U4-1586 - MNTP vs uComponents error

U4-8265 - Listview list and listview grid does not handle acceptedFileTypes in same way unscheduled

U4-8060 - Angular cache not cleared during installs can lead to inability to edit content

U4-8148 - Archetype blocks not previewing unless Published

U4-7931 - was missing configSource="config\ClientDependency.config"

U4-7917 - Umbraco updated from 7.3.0 to 7.3.7 - Section Navigation bar requires double click to traverse and Initial section remains active.

U4-6052 - Umbraco 7.2.1 web app installed with Nuget fails at start with error :"Cannot create an MVC Area path without the umbracoPath specified"

U4-7496 - Backoffice dropdowns quit working in Chrome after update to v47.0.2526.73

U4-6953 - DatePicker (with time?) seems to be misbehaving since 7.2.8 in Firefox

U4-7164 - Nuget Update-Package UmbracoCms fails if I have removed dashboard section

U4-6372 - Upgrade from 7.2.1 to 7.2.2 breaks media picker


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